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Bus Transportation
Each year, changing demographics require that School District No. 23 Transportation department refine our eligible School Bus Transportation routes. All routes are designed to service eligible children. ("Eligible" is defined as children in Kindergarten to Grade 3 who live beyond 4.0 km or further from their "neighborhood school", and beyond 4.8 km for students in Grades 4 through grade 12.) "Courtesy" riders are those children who live closer than the above mentioned transportation eligibility limits. Courtesy riders are only offered seats, when available, up to the existing capacity of the scheduled bus. Requests for courtesy ridership are prioritized on a furthest distance basis. To confirm eligibility simply use the Edulog Web Query under the School District Transportation website listed below. Enter your home address and September 2020 grade level to determine eligibility.
Payment of a Student Transportation charge will be required before a SD23 School Bus Pass will be issued. All information and costs for bus transportation may be found at the website listed below.
School District Transportation website:Bus Registration