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Registration is done on-line.  To register, please use the link on our Home Page or visit the School District website at

You may wish to contact the school office after completing the on-line application to ensure that all information has been entered correctly.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION:  The documents required for registration are:  Canadian birth certificate or Canadian Passport for the child, BC Driver's License and BC Care Card for one parent/guardian, and proof of address (usually a utility bill or lease/rental agreement).  Once you have registered on-line you must submit these documents to the school office immediately in order to secure your registration application. You may either bring these into the school and we will photocopy them, or you can scan and email them to us, or you can fax them to us.

Please note that it is School District policy to require these documents and we cannot accept your registration application until they have been provided to us.

Qualifying Age:  To qualify for Kindergarten enrollment, a child must reach the age of five years of age prior to December 31st of the year of attendance as per Section 3 of the School Act.  

Parents typically register their children at their neighbourhood/catchment area schools.  Your catchment area schools will be indicated on the registration application once you enter your home address.    Alternatively, parents may elect to register at their school of choice. There is the ability on the system for you to enter your first, second and third choice of schools.

Landed Immigrant/Permanent Resident/Work Visa/Refugee Status:  

All students who have Landed Immigrant status, Permanent Resident status, or parents with Work Visas will need to obtain a Letter of Enrollment from the District Welcome Centre prior to registering on-line.  Please contact them at 1040 Hollywood Road or telephone 250-470-3258.

International Students:  Contact the Welcome Centre at 1040 Hollywood Road or telephone 250-470-3258.