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Raymer Elementary
"Take Care of Yourself, Others, and Our School"
Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story


raymer logo.pngRaymer Elementary is on a journey of transformational change. To do this, we are in the process of creating strong personalized learning environments to meet the needs of our 21st Century learners as they navigate the fast-pace of change in their future. 

We place our students at the center of their learning by: 

    • Recognizing the importance of developing caring, empathetic, socially responsible citizens.
    • Building positive relationships – it is at the heart of everything we do!
    • Providing opportunities that empower our students to share their voice and develop personal leadership.
    • Supporting students in their development of: communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills, and skills to collaborate in all settings. 


raymer logo.pngOur foundational goal is to support the development of a *growth mindset in our students. This empowers our students to tackle the challenges that will come in life and the belief that they can succeed with hard work and perseverance.

Here is what our students are saying about their learning: 

    • "I keep trying until I get it right."
    • "I look for what I am missing."
    • "It's not just content that is important.  How to be creative and how to communicate is also important."
    • "I get advice from peers, share perspectives, disagree and agree respectfully."
    • "I am learning core competencies, like communication and collaboration, this is important for the real world."
    • "I learn best by practicing a lot.  If I keep failing on one thing, I keep trying till I get better at it."

*Based on the research of Dr. Carol Dweck:

raymer logo.pngRaymer is presently implementing two innovative programs to support student success within the B.C. Redesigned Curriculum, promoting the core competencies:  Thinking (Creative and Critical), Communication, and Personal and Social Development (Positive Personal & Cultural Identity; Personal Awareness & Responsibility; Social Responsibility).Core_Competencies_Posters.pdf

Learning in Depthlearning how to learn

A program developed through Simon Fraser University which allows students to explore their own learning journey a broad topic such as "Dogs" or "Bridges." The goal is for students to become experts on their topic, taking the time to learn deeply as the work is intended to span a number of years. Once a week for one hour, students in Grade 4 to 6 work in multi-age groups learning in ways they choose for themselves, developing portfolios that document their learning and finding creative methods of sharing their knowledge with others.

The new redesigned curriculum focus is to transform its education system. The BC Ministry of Education states: "One focus for this transformation is a curriculum that enables and supports increasingly personalized learning, through quality teaching and learning, flexibility and choice, and high standards." Learning in depth provides another avenue for students to discover their learning styles, personalize their learning, have choice and flexibility with the direction of their learning, and to go deep with their learning.

lid logo.jpgLink to Learning in Depth (LID):


Play is the Waylearning how to create strong relationships and be a positive contributor

"Let us raise children to be considerate of themselves, others and the world in which they live, with sound reasons for the things they say and do… from this, all else will follow." Wilson McCaskill, Founder of Play is the Way

This program teaches social and emotional learning through play and empowering language. The children engage in games with multi-age groupings of children.

We acknowledge the importance of teaching children to think, reason and analyse to become responsible citizens. We work with the children to learn how to manage their emotions, face their fears, and build the optimism that helps them to survive when things go wrong. Resiliency when encountering failure and how to persist against difficulties help develop a growth mindset.

This program promotes 6 positive messages for our students:

  • Pursue your personal best no matter who you work with.
  • Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
  • It takes great strength to be sensible.
  • Have reasons for the things you say and do.
  • Be brave – participate to progress.
  • Be the master, not the victim of your feelings.


play is the way.pngLink to Play is the Way website: