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Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

raymer logo.pngSince doors first opened in 1948, Raymer Elementary has had a sound tradition of promoting and celebrating a safe and caring environment for all to thrive, to develop foundational skills in math, literacy, and the arts, and to foster a joy of learning. As within families, our Raymer family strives to celebrate each child's unique qualities and individual learning journey, cultivate connections and foster a growth mindset to send the message that all students are accepted as they are – yet, are also encouraged to grow, to be their best self. Building positive relationships with students is at the heart of everything we do. With a learning community, which stems from a rich range of backgrounds, celebrating Raymer's vibrant diversity has expanded students' understanding of what makes us us, and has better equipped our young people to become productive, kind, empathetic and socially responsible citizens who can experience success and enjoy their lives in an ever-changing technological fast-paced society.

raymer logo.pngIn the fall of 2016, we embarked on a journey, together as a community of learners, promoting the Core Competencies within the B.C. Redesigned Curriculum.  Guided by OECD principles, the Central Okanagan School District's Attributes of a Learner, and engaging ourselves with Spirals of Inquiry and scanning processes with staff and parents, a common thread was revealed. Social emotional learning (SEL) and self-regulation would be key to learning lots around growth mindset. We also recognized our need to empower Raymer students to share their voice and personal leadership and scanned all two hundred forty two Raymer students to see learning through their eyes. This added scanning uncovered useful data and confirmed several threads. To promote and celebrate growth mindset was the right track to take!

raymer logo.pngIt is an exciting time to expand our work around growth mindset and to explore, reflect on and embed sound assessment principles into our practice. To meet our students where they are at, we are mindful to be explicit with learning targets and to help our students to show what they are able to do, what they are working on and where they need further support. Without reflection, there cannot be growth.

raymer logo.pngOngoing at Raymer, firstly, is a caring, committed and dedicated staff who have a genuine desire to meet the needs of all learners and seek to provide innovative opportunities such as Learning in Depth, Play is the Way and the meaningful and purposeful use of technology.  

Written by Pam Samaddar in consultation with the Growth Mindset Lighthouse team (Terrilynn Nunes, Sarah Johnson, Jennifer Cartwright, Janet Hertz and Sydney Hertz)