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Jillian May is our school Counsellor.   She is available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.    Ms. May can be reached via email:

Ashley Dooley is our ARC School-Based Counsellor.   She is available Wednesday, Thursday morning and Fridays.    Ms. Dooley can be reached via email:

Every elementary school in S.D. #23 presently provides a staff counsellor on a part-time basis.  The counsellor supports students who are experiencing emotional, social or behavioural problems at school or at home which affect their learning and personal well-being.  The counsellor is available for consultation with staff, administration and parents who wish to discuss concerns about students so that strategieies for improvement can be implemented.  The counsellor provides referral to community agencies if the student or family requires long-term counselling or therapy.  Service is also provided in consultation with parents and teaching staff regarding behavioral strategies and provision of behavioral plans.